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Customizing Braille Tables

This window contains tools for creating or editing tables used in Braille printing.

The list contains all available tables. The tables are of two types: default, blue, distributed with the program, personal, green, created by the user. The default tables cannot be changed or deleted, as Biblos maintains and updates them. Personal tables, on the other hand, are entirely managed by the user.

On the right side of the window there are some buttons with the main commands. These commands are also available in a context menu associated with the list. The context menu also contains other useful commands.

- Add: command to open a window to add a new braille table;

- Delete: this command allows you to delete a braille table. Default tables cannot be deleted;

- Import: command that starts the procedure to import a previously exported table package;

- Export: command that starts the procedure to export all or part of the tables. Only personal tables can be exported;

- Duplicate: Make a copy of a braille table. Duplicating a table is useful for creating your own personal copy of a predefined table in order to customize it and use it for your Braille prints;

- Properties: Opens the properties window of a table. The properties of a table contain all the prefixes, all the codes and all the tools to customize the table. The properties of the default tables are visible, but cannot be changed.