Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Braille print settings

This window contains all settings for Braille and Tactile printing. It has multiple tabs containing all the settings divided by category.

Available tabs are:

- General - provides settings for the Braille printing device, the Braille model, and some basic settings for Braille and tactile graphics;

- Braille: Contains settings for using certain features, such as hyphenation, uppercase prefixes, text style detection, etc;

- Margins: Contains the Braille sheet edge settings;

- Headers: Contains the settings for the header lines, which may also contain page numbers;

- Footer: Contains the settings for footsteps, which may also contain page numbers;

- Graphics: contains settings for adjusting the way the document's tactile graphs are printed;

- Tables: Contains the settings for printing table braille;

- Titles: Contains the settings for printing titles and indexes;

- Foot notes: contains the settings for printing the foot notes;

- End notes: contains the settings for printing the end of document notes;

- Title Notes: Contains the settings for printing the title notes;

- Miscellaneous: Contains various settings, such as printing bookmarks, actual pages, philological pages, and filling in blanks;

- Brailler: Contains configurations for the use of virtual brailler;

- Advanced - contains other settings such as configuration for multicore processors or printing braille tables to printers.

Almost all settings for Braille printing can be stored in the current document or settings profile. There is a checkbox called "Default". If the checkbox is disabled, clicking the OK button will save the settings only in the loaded document. If this checkbox is activated, the Braille settings are also stored in the selected profile. The settings on the General and Advanced tabs are stored only in the selected profile.