Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Braille embossing

This window contains fields for preparing and printing a document in Braille.

When you enter the Braille print window, only a few items can be used, while the others activate after the document has been prepared.

Initially the focused field is to choose the braille table to prepare the document. In this box, the last table used is selected. To start document preparation, click on the Prepare button next to the box. Preparation is also performed if you tap Enter on the selected table.

Before preparing the document, if you need to change or check the quick print options, you can click on the Options button (from the keyboard you can reach by pressing Shift+Tab once). The Options button shows a menu from which you can enable or disable certain printing options, such as single or double-sided printing, double line spacing, simplified printing, and double column printing.

After preparing the document, some useful fields for Braille printing are activated.

- Page Range: This is where you can choose whether to print all or a series of pages. For more information read the relevant help;

- Number of Copies: how many copies of the same document you want to print;

- Collate Copies - if you are printing multiple copies, this box allows you to choose whether to collate them. If enabled, one document will be printed at a time; if disabled, the pages will be printed as a multiple copy;

- Page type: list where you choose which pages to print from. You can turn odd, even, and tactile graphics printing on or off. For example, leaving only the printing of graphics activated does not print text and only tactile graphics are printed. Or, if you leave odd and even pages printing enabled and disable printing of graphics, only the text is printed;

- Print Order: This is where you can choose or set how the pages are to be sorted for printing. For more information read the relevant help;

- Preview: button to enter the Braille document preview;

- Print: button to print the Braille document. After you click it, the printer will start printing and you will return to the source document. This button is associated with a context menu that contains two modes of printing: Print and close (the default action when the button is clicked), sends the Braille document to the printer and closes the window. While "Print & Stay", it sends the document to the printer and stays in the print window, from where you can choose other print modes without re-pressing the document. Clicking the Print button will always default to Print and Close. Holding down the Ctrl key switches the action to Print and stays. Printing can be started by pressing Enter or Ctrl+Send from other fields in the window.