Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Advanced Settings of a Braille Model

The Advanced Settings window is used to configure the options of a model connected to a Braille printer in detail. A list displays the available options, which may vary depending on the chosen model. Some models do not have advanced settings.

Typically, the options listed use the same names as described in the Braille printer's user manual. Therefore, consulting the Braille printer manual is useful for understanding their meanings. In case of slight differences, the name gives a hint about the option's meaning. All options are labeled in the English language and cannot be translated.

To modify an option:

- Left arrow or button with a left arrow: decrement the value of the selected option.

- Right arrow or button with a right arrow: increment the value of the selected option.

- Enter or double click: opens a window to choose or enter the value of the selected option.

- Delete or button with crossed arrows: cancels the option. Canceling an option means preventing Biblos from enforcing its setting during the printing phase.

In this case, the printer will use the option as configured on its panel.

To confirm the selected settings, click the OK button; to cancel them, click the Cancel button. You will return to the previous window.