Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Adding or modifying a Braille code

This window contains the fields for enhancing a Braille code. Appears when using Add or Properties on the Codes tab of a table. The fields to be evaluated are as follows:

- Text string: the string or character to carry out the translation for;

- Braille string: the sequence of braille points with which to perform the translation. Numerical values from 0 to 8 can be entered in this field, corresponding to the relevant braille points. Each number group indicates one braille cell. To indicate more than one braille cell the number ranges shall be separated by a space. As you type in the braille dot numbers, the braille cells appear in a box as they are printed;

- Conditions: The line of regular expressions that affect the use of the code. This field can contain a maximum of 60 characters. The control has associated a context menu that also contains all the regular expression language instructions;

- Case sensitive: if this checkbox is activated, the translation is done respecting the upper and lower case letters of the entered text string. If the box remains disabled, the difference between upper and lower case is ignored.

If two zeros "00" are inserted as Braille Strings, clicking the OK button converts the Text String to Braille Strings, transforming the bytes of the Text String into Braille points. The conversion applies only to ANSI characters.

If squares appear in the Braille pane instead of the normal Braille cells, this means that there is no font installed in the system that can be used to display the Braille characters. In this case, an appropriate font must be installed. To change the display font, double-click on the panel.

After entering the data of the new code click on the OK button to confirm its addition or modification.