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User Account Control

During the installation, uninstallation or upgrade of Biblos you may present the system window of the User Account Control. User Account Control is a feature introduced from Windows Vista onwards. During installation or uninstallation Biblos needs to write keys to the system registry. These keys can only be written in a mode with higher privileges than the basic ones, so the Control blocks the program and asks the user for permission to continue. If you click the "Yes" button, the keys are written correctly, otherwise the process should continue without writing the keys.

Biblos needs to write some keys in the registry to register its own file extensions. This is a completely safe process that does not damage other regions of the operating system. During uninstallation those keys are properly removed.

The User Account Control can be disabled. Using the Control Panel, under the heading User Accounts, simply enter the settings of the User Accounts Control and bring the action bar to 0%.