Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Taking an image from a scanner

Biblos allows you to capture images using a scanner. The acquisition window contains the following elements:

- Image Preview - large frame that covers almost the entire surface of the window, showing the scanned image;

- Capture: button for capturing the image. After you press it, the scanner starts scanning. When the acquisition is complete, the image is previewed and its main features appear in the status bar. If the image is blank, a warning is shown;

- Setting: opens the scanner configuration window. Generally, at least once the parameters to be used with the scanner should be configured for optimal capture;

- Insert: button that is activated after taking an image. Click to confirm the acquisition and insert the image into the document or touch graph;

- Cancel: button to exit the window without confirming the acquisition;

Status Bar: Bar at the bottom of the window displaying some information about the scanned image. Specifically, it shows its size expressed in pixels, density and fragmentation. The latter two values can help the blind to understand if the image really contains something.