Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Spell analyzer

Biblos has two types of spelling analyzer.

1. Step-by-step analyzer;

2. Automatic analyzer.

In order for the analyzers to work, it is necessary that the dictionaries used by the text analysis are active.

The step-by-step analyzer uses the active dictionaries to analyze the text and detect unknown parts in it. This is the most widely used accessible tool for blind people. The analyzer walks through the text analyzing its words and punctuation; when it finds an unknown word or symbol, it stops the text cursor on the unknown part and waits for the user to check it. The program analyzes the text using the active dictionaries. If any part of the text is not recognized, whether it consists of letters, punctuation or other characters, the analysis stops and the unknown part is selected. The user can check the correctness of the highlighted part, can correct it or, if correct, can use the command to add the term to a dictionary. To restart the step-by-step analysis, the analysis command is used again. The command to start the step-by-step analyzer is found in the "Tools/Dictionaries/Analysis" menu. All operations of the stepper analyzer are vocalized by the screen reader that may be used.

The automatic analyzer always uses the active dictionaries to underline unknown terms in red. This type of analyzer cannot be used by blind people.

The automatic analyzer can work only if you activate the option "Real-time spelling analyzer" contained in the tab Analysis of Biblos options. The options window is on "Tools/Options...".

The automatic analyzer has two commands contained in the "Tools/Dizionaries/Analyzer" menu.

1. Start analyzer: Starts the automatic analyzer which will underline in red the words presumably wrong;

2. Clean: cleans the words underlined in red and stops the automatic analyzer.