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Setting the hot keys

Biblos allows you to customize menu items, both the main menus and the contextual ones. The main menu in the windows is contained in a bar at the top. For example, the document window always has a main menu. The context menu belongs to specific fields and appears on command, right-clicking on them or using the Applications button.

Menu items can be customized by assigning them a hot key or by choosing whether to show or hide them. The window for setting the hot keys of a menu has the following fields:

- Tree view: contains all the menu items you want to customize, organizing them in a tree structure. Each node of the tree describes the name of the menu, the hot key (if any) and the visibility status (if any). If there is a submenu, i.e. a menu item that contains other commands, this is represented in a node with subnodes inside it. This field has a contextual menu containing the main management commands;

- Delete: button to remove a hot key from a menu item. The menu item is not deleted, only the hot key assigned to it is removed. A confirmation window appears before deleting;

- Properties: command for assigning or modifying a hot key or the visibility status of a menu item. A window appears from which you can manage these settings;

- Reset: command to reset all menu items to their default values. A confirmation window appears before restoring;

- Close: command to close the hot key setting window.