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Setting the Text and Background Colors

Displays the window from which you can choose the text and background colors of the cursor or selected part of the text. The fields of the window are as follows:

- Text Color: Box from which you can choose the color to use for your text. This box contains a set of preset colours. You can also choose the color customization, with which you can establish the color using the three components red, green and blue;

- Background color: from this box, similar to the previous one, you can choose the background color of the character. Changing the font background can be useful for creating text highlighting effects;

- OK: button to confirm the modification of the colours;

- Cancel - button to return to the source document without confirming the color change.

When selecting text and background colors, the status bar at the bottom of the window shows brightness and color values, from which you can determine whether text and background have sufficient contrast.

This is a useful help to properly choose the background and text color combinations in order to determine if they can provide a good level of visibility. Biblos uses two algorithms suggested by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Two colors are considered to provide good visibility if their brightness difference and color difference exceed a certain level. The minimum levels suggested by the W3C are 125 for brightness and 500 for color difference. Biblos shows the brightness and colour values and gives an assessment of their conformity.