Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Set the OCR parameters

The OCR Settings window is used to configure some characteristics of the recognition engine. It contains the following fields:

- Languages: List of all the languages that can be used in text recognition. To use a language simply select it and activate it, taking care to deselect any languages that you do not intend to use. Text recognition can use more than one language, so it is possible to set the priority of one language over another. To choose the priority, you must move the languages concerned up or down. To move a language up or down, use the commands in the context menu associated with the list. Or, for those using the mouse, you can use the arrow buttons right to the list;

- High quality: a box that, if activated, allows you to obtain a higher quality of recognition. High quality text recognition results in a loss of speed;

- OK: button to accept the OCR settings and return to the previous window;

- Cancel: button to return to the previous window, leaving the settings unchanged.