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Scan and recognize the text of a document

The Scan Document window allows you to scan a paper document and recognize its text. It contains the following fields:

- Text box: This is a field that occupies most of the window. Contains the text of the selected page. In this field you can read the text of the selected page;

- Scan: button to start image capture and recognition. During the operation sound ticks are emitted. For those using Jaws or Nvda, the steps of the operation are announced verbally. At the end of the operation, the new page is added to the list and its text is shown in the left pane;

- Pages: List of scanned pages. The text of the selected page is shown in the left pane. This field has a context menu with commands to delete and move up or down the selected page. The order of the pages is respected in the event that their text is inserted in the source document;

- OCR Settings: button showing the OCR settings window;

- Scanner Settings: button showing the scanner's parameter settings window. These parameters are also useful if you need to apply a rotation to the scanned image;

- Insert: button to insert the text of all scanned pages into the source document. The operation closes this window and returns to the source document;

- Cancel: button to exit this window without inserting any pages. The scanned pages are lost.

Text OCR recognition can only be performed if the Biblos OCR module is present in the system. Biblos OCR is available from the downloads of www.digrande.it. The version of Biblos OCR - 32bit or 64bit, must be the same as that of Biblos.

Text recognition does not automatically identify the page orientation. If you get incomprehensible results, it is likely that the document is not oriented correctly. In this case, you must rotate the document on the scanner or, alternatively, apply a rotation to the image.

Recognition does not divide the image containing two pages, which may happen when you place an open book on the scanplane. In this case, you only need to scan one page at a time.