Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Print a document

The Print window is shown every time you start printing a document. It contains the fields necessary to control the type of printer, sheet and pages to be printed.

- Printer Name: box from which you choose the printer to use for printing. The first time the window is used, the system default printer is always highlighted;

- Printer Properties: button that opens the window with the settings of the chosen printer. The properties window belongs to the printer, therefore it is not possible to describe its content, since it varies for each printer. Generally this window contains the settings for the type of printing, sheet, paper, colors to be used. The settings obtained are always temporary and return to their original values when you close the program or choose another printer. To configure these settings permanently, it is essential to enter the printing properties from the Devices and Printers system window;

- Page range: two fields from which you choose the range of pages to print. The first field shows the initial page, the second shows the final page to be printed. If the document contains only one page, the second field is disabled. Depending on the chosen printer, the total number of pages in a document may vary;

- Number of Copies: a field in which you can indicate how many copies of the same document you want to print. If this field contains values greater than one copy, the Collate Copies field is activated, from which you can choose whether to collate the copy sheets or not.

If the document has a table of contents with index elements that also show the braille pages, two more fields are available:

- Calculate pages: box that if activated performs the braille transcription of the document, to detect the braille pages.

- Default table: box from which you choose the default braille table, as well as for the braille printing of the document.

The Print button immediately starts printing the document with the chosen printer. When you exit the print window and return to the document, the print layout is reflected in the document, if the document has print layout display enabled. For example, if from the printer properties you have chosen A5 sheet size, the document will assume the size of an A5 sheet. This change is made even if the document is not printed.

The Apply button is used to set the size of the print sheet and its orientation in the source document. The size and orientation settings are independent of the print layout and are saved and loaded with the most advanced document formats, such as EBIBLOS and RTF.

If you enable braille transcription for page calculation, the document is transcribed into braille before actual printing. Therefore, depending on the size of the document, printing may take a few seconds longer. During the braille transcription of the document, the progress window is shown. In case of errors or cancellation of the braille transcription, the ink printing of the document is also interrupted.