Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Options- Sounds tab

This tab contains all settings for Biblos notification sounds.

- Sound theme: the box from which you choose the sound theme you prefer. The sound theme affects only the predefined sounds. Therefore, if sounds have been customized, customization is not lost;

- Reset: button to reset all sounds to default Biblos values. Restoring is performed immediately, without confirmation;

- Sounds: This list contains all the sounds used by the program. Each sound can be turned on or off. By selecting a sound and activating it, it can be customized;

- File name: A field where you can enter the name of the file that will be used as the sound. Only WAV format files are accepted;

- Browse: button that allows you to search your system for the file to use as sound;

- Play: Button to listen to the inserted sound;

- Stop: Button to stop the sound playback;

- Default: Button to restore the sound to the default Biblos value.