Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Options- General tab

This tab contains all general settings of Biblos.

- Interface language: Box from which the language of the Biblos user interface is selected. Languages other than Italian are edited by Biblos collaborators. If you wish to translate Biblos into other languages, you can contact Giuseppe Di Grande via the Facebook group. The translation of Biblos is done using the Biblos Interface Editor software;

- Information: button to learn some information about the selected language;

- Automatic updates: this is the box from which you choose whether Biblos should automatically check for new updates. The frequency of the automatic check is selected from the box. Deactivating this option allows you to check for new updates manually using the Help/Check for Updates menu;

- Auto Backup - the box to choose whether to create one or more backup copies when saving a document. Backups allow you to have a history of all previous versions of a document, even as a precaution. To disable automatic backups, set the value to 0;

- File History - the box from which you choose the history of the last opened documents, visible in the File/Reopen submenu. The value can be set to 0 to disable this feature;

- Search History: This is the box from which you choose the size of the search history for Find and Replace searches. The history can be turned off by setting the value to 0;

- Image Format: the box from which you choose the format of the images inserted in your documents. Available formats are JPEG, BITMAP and PNG. The compressed formats are JPEG and PNG. Using compressed formats allows you to have documents of lower weight. The default format is JPEG;

- At startup open the last file: if this box is activated Biblos always remembers the last document loaded, reopening it automatically the next time you restart. If this box is enabled and you want to open Biblos on a new document, you can start Biblos by holding down the Shift key. If this box is disabled Biblos always opens on a new document;

- Open same document several times: if this box is activated, an already opened document can be opened again in a new window; if a document is deactivated, it can only be opened once and, if an attempt is made to open it again, the window in which it was already loaded is brought to the foreground;

- Always save to documents: if enabled, when saving new files, the default folder for saving is always your personal documents;

- Automatically save configurations: if enabled, the associated ".BIBLOS" configuration files are automatically saved when you save documents. The configuration files contain some configurations that are specific to the saved document. The EBIBLOS format does not require any configuration files;

- Hide non-focused documents: when this box is checked, documents in the background are automatically hidden. This option is useful if you don't want to have all your document windows open on your desktop;

- Automatically add bookmarks: If this box is activated Biblos remembers the location of the cursor. The position will be restored when the document is opened. A document's bookmark is remembered 180 days after it was last used.