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Options- Formats tab

This tab contains all the functions for managing the user formats of Biblos.

- Formats: This box contains the file formats created by the user. User formats allow you to assign a filter to open and save files with specific extensions. For example, knowing that files with the ".ABC" extension are text files, you can assign the opening and saving of ".ABC" files to the basic "Ansi Text" filter;

- Add: button that allows you to add a new user format. A window opens in which you can enter the information required for the new format;

- Delete: button to remove the selected user format from the list. A message box asks you to confirm the format removal;

- Properties: button that allows you to view or change the characteristics of a user format. A window opens similar to the one that appears when a new format is added;

- Restore: button that allows you to restore all user formats to the default values of Biblos. This will reset and remove all user formats added after installing the program. A message box asks you to confirm that you want to restore the formats.

- Extensions: This box contains all the default filters assigned to file types when you open them.

- Remove: button to delete the selected extension.