Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Options- Analysis tab

This tab contains all the spelling analysis settings of Biblos.

- Ignore words with mixed characters: if this box is activated, if the spelling analysis finds words made up of small characters and upper case, it does not stop. For example, normally if the analyzer finds the word "tavoLo" it considers it an error, because it consists of mixed characters. Checking this box will no longer consider it an error. Of course, if the word in mixed characters is entered in a dictionary, the analyzer will consider it correct;

- Ignore words formed only by numbers: if this box is activated, words formed only by numbers are not considered errors. For example, normally if there is a number, type 1981, the analyzer stops (unless the number has been entered in a dictionary). Enabling this option will ignore all numbers;

- Stops analysis on isolated characters: If this box is checked, the analysis stops if it finds punctuation or isolated symbols. For example, if it finds a still point detached from the text, the analysis stops, even if the punctuation is in a dictionary;

- Real-time Spell Analyzer - when enabled, spell analysis is also performed in real time when you write or open a new document. Unrecognized words are highlighted in red. The real-time spellchecker is not a useful feature for blind people, so blind people can leave it disabled.