Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Font Type

Window for managing the font on which the cursor is located or the selected part of the text. The choice of the Font is one of the operations that is carried out in word processing to make the text of your documents aesthetically pleasing.

The dialog box for choosing the font contains the following fields:

- Font: this box contains all the fonts installed in the system. You can choose or type the desired font;

- Style: This box contains the available styles in which the chosen font is displayed. You can choose between Normal, Italic, Bold and Bold-Italic styles;

- Points: from this box you can choose or type the size expressed in typographical points with which the character is displayed;

- Strikeout: when this box is activated, the displayed character is strikeout, i.e. a horizontal line is drawn in its centre;

- Underlined: if this box is activated, the displayed character is underlined, i.e. a horizontal line is drawn at the bottom. When the underscore is activated, the next box is activated from which you can choose which type of underscore to apply;

- Position: This box allows you to choose the position of the character. "Normal" reproduces the normal shape of the character. "Superscript" reproduces the character at the top by reducing its size; "Subscript" reproduces the character at the bottom by reducing its size;

- Spacing: from this box you can choose the horizontal spacing between characters. The horizontal spacing is also respected when printing braille. If you activate the unit of measurement braille, you can choose how many cells spacing horizontally the characters;

- Character map: If you choose a font, this field shows all the glyphs (characters) it contains. You can also copy a character to the clipboard by pressing the Ctrl+C key combination or by using the relevant function of the context menu associated with this field. The character copied to the clipboard can be pasted into the document;

- Default: box that, if activated, allows to store as default character the choice made. The default character will be used in all subsequent Biblos openings. To remove the default character, simply click this box while holding down the Ctrl key;

- Ok: button to confirm the choice of character. You return to the document and the chosen character is used, possibly also applying it to the selected part of the text;

- Cancel: button to return to the source document without confirming the choice.

The font window also appears in other sections of the program. In some cases not all the fields described are available.

Style, effects, position and spacing are characteristics of the font that can be considered and reproduced even during the braille printing of the document.