Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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First execution of Biblos

There are several links in the system from which you can boot Biblos:

- The Desktop has a shortcut called Biblos. Clicking on it starts the program;

- Inside the Start menu, inside the program section, there is the Biblos submenu that contains the program's links. To start the software, simply click or press Enter on the Biblos link;

- In Windows Explorer, i. e. in the management of your computer's Resources or in Windows Explorer, Biblos initially integrates with the system by placing its own connection in the "Send to"submenu. If you select a document, right-click on it or press the Menu button, from the "Send to" submenu you can send Biblos the selected document;

- From the Windows Start menu, using the Run command (Win+R shortcut key), typing the word "Biblos" in the field of the program to be executed and pressing Enter, Biblos is started immediately.

The document window is the first working environment that appears when Biblos is started. From this window you can edit, display, edit etc., a document.

The document window has several elements. Starting from above are:: these:

- The title bar where the name of the file of the loaded document is shown;

- The menu bar that contains all the main functions of the program;

- Toolbars containing certain program functions;

- The ruler expressing in centimetres the horizontal measures of the document;

- The document viewing/editing sheet;

- The status bar that contains some information about the document.