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Enter characters using Unicode codes

In this window you can type one or more character codes to be inserted in the document. Each Unicode character has a value. The Unicode set characters (16 bits) are about 65000, and contains symbols and letters of almost every language in the world, lives and dies. From this window you can insert a character into the document by typing its code.

For example, if you write the code "65" in the document the letter A will be inserted. If you write the codes "945 946", the document will contain the Greek alpha and beta characters.

To make these entries you need to know the codes of the characters to be entered. To get a list of codes you can use the font type window from menu lng<BiblosMain/MiFormat>>/lng<MiFrmtFont>> or search the internet. The status bar of each document also indicates the code of the character on which the cursor is located.