Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Customizing and Managing Syllables

"The custom syllabication groups window opens the environment to manage the groups and syllables contained within them. It is accessible from the menu Tools/Syllables/Customize Syllables...

The Customize Syllables window has the following fields:

- Syllables: a list displaying available syllabication groups. Blue groups are distributed with the software, while green groups are user-created. Each group is identified by the language name. Only one syllabication group can be created per language. The list is associated with a context menu, accessible by right-clicking or pressing the Applications key. The context menu includes commands not directly available, such as import or export syllabication group commands.

- Add: a button that opens a window to create a new syllabication group.

- Remove: a button to remove a syllabication group. Only user-created groups in green can be deleted.

- Properties: a button that opens the properties window for a group. From the group properties, all syllables contained within it can be managed.

- Close: a button that closes the customization window.

At the bottom of the window, there is a status bar showing some information about the selected group.

The syllabication system has practical application during the braille printing of a document, where words falling at the end of a line, where possible, are syllabicated.