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Customizing Status Bars

Status bars can be created, edited, removed, enabled or disabled. The status bars management window allows for their customization.

The status bars management window has the following elements:

- List: shows the available status bars. Status bars distributed with the program are shown in blue, while status bars created or customized by the user are shown in green. Blue status bars cannot be modified or deleted. The list is associated with a context menu containing all bar management functions.

- Add: button to add a new status bar. A window appears with which to customize the new status bar to be added.

- Delete: removes the selected bar from the list. A message window asks you to confirm the removal of the bar. Only the bars created by the user, the green ones, can be deleted.

- Properties: button to display the window with all the elements of the selected bar. The window that opens is very similar to the one for adding a new bar. If you make changes to a status bar distributed with the program, the blue one, confirming the changes will create a new status bar.

- Duplicate: to duplicate a status bar. Useful for creating a copy of a blue status bar in order to modify its characteristics.

- Move Up and Move Down: to vary the display order of the bars.