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Convert to MP3 or DAISY audiobook

When a document is converted to audiobook, a conversion window is shown. Depending on the type of conversion, a file name or a folder in which to save the produced audio files is proposed. If you want to change the destination path, you can manually type the one you want or use the "Browse..." button next to the path field. To start the conversion just click the Start button, otherwise to cancel it click the Cancel button.

In order for an audio conversion to start and complete correctly, it is necessary, only for the first time, to configure the parameters of the speech synthesizer with which you want to convert documents to audio. To set the voice and audio conversion parameters, you can use the Voice Configuration Wizard from the Voice menu/Voice Configuration Wizard... The format of audiobooks is MP3 or DAISY. The quality of MP3 files can be chosen from the Voice/Settings... menu.

When converting to MP3 audiobooks, all text elements, including notes, are taken into account. The pronunciation of titles and notes in the document is done by changing the voice parameters. Titles are pronounced in a lower tone and at a slower speed, while notes are pronounced in a higher tone and at a faster speed.

Documents can also be converted into audiobooks in DAISY standard. The conversion procedure is quite similar to that for MP3 audiobooks.

DAISY stands for Digital Accessible Information SYstem, an audiobook format developed by an international consortium. DAISY audiobooks have an indexed book structure, contain both text and audio, and can also be listened to by moving from paragraph to paragraph or title to title. In order to listen to a DAISY audiobook it is necessary to have special players, hardware or software.

In addition to the paragraphs of the document, Biblos in the conversion from text to DAISY considers also the structure of the titles. For large documents or books, it is appropriate to organize the structure of book titles. In the production of DAISY audiobooks, titles up to the sixth level are considered. If the document has higher level titles, they are still transformed into sixth level titles. This is due to a technical limitation of the DAISY format. The structure of the titles allows you to move through the audiobook by means of the titles as well as by moving from paragraph to paragraph.

Other information that is included in a DAISY audiobook is the information in the document properties (File/Properties menu). This is bibliographic information to give the DAISY audiobook also the title, author, copyright, etc..