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Configure the Microsoft OneCore speech synthesizer

After choosing this type of speech synthesizer and clicking the Settings button, a window with Microsoft OneCore settings will open.

It is necessary to remember that Biblos does not integrate any Microsoft OneCore speech synthesizer. The user who wants to use the speech features of Biblos must buy a speech synthesis module from other manufacturers. One or more Microsoft OneCore voices are natively installed and available in Windows 10. Biblos detects and uses these voices.

If Microsoft OneCore technology speech synthesizers are installed in the system, the following setting controls are available in the window:

- Voice: allows you to choose the voice or one of the installed OneCore voices.

- Tone: allows you to choose the voice tone to be used.

- Rate: allows you to choose the speaking speed of the voice.

- Volume: lets you choose the volume of the voice.

- Test: clicking on this button you will hear an example of the synthesized voice with the chosen parameters.

- Close: the button to close the window and save the Microsoft OneCore settings.