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Configure the Eloquence - IBM ViaVoice Outloud Speech Synthesizer

After choosing this type of voice synthesizer and clicking the Settings button, a window with all its settings will open.

It is necessary to remember that Biblos does not integrate any IBM VIAVOICE speech synthesizer. The user who wants to use the voice features of Biblos must buy a voice synthesizer module from other manufacturers / resellers. The IBM ViaVoice synthesizer is configurable in Biblos only if already installed in the operating system.

If you enter in the settings window of IBM Viavoice for the first time, you will need to have this speech synthesizer module searched automatically or manually. Therefore, it is sufficient to click the Find/Browse button. If an IBM Viavoice module is present in the system, after a few seconds it will be loaded and the settings fields will be automatically filled. If the path of the synthesizer found is not correct, by clicking again on the same button the search will try to find other drivers of the same synthesizer. To search for the synthesizer module manually, instead of simply clicking the above button, simply click on it while holding down the Ctrl key.

If the synthesizer module is found correctly, the following setting fields are available in the window:

- Voice: allows you to choose the kind of voice to use, whether male, female, adult or child etc..

- Language: allows you to choose, if available, the language used to synthesize the text.

- Tone: allows you to choose the tone of voice used by the synthesized voice.

- Fluctuation: to choose whether to have a flat or accentuated voice fluctuation.

- Head size: to choose whether to have a deeper or shallower voice.

- Rate: lets you choose the speed of speech.

- Roughness: to choose whether to have a more or less rough voice.

- Breathiness: to choose whether to have more or less breathing in the voice.

- Volume: lets you choose the volume of the voice.

- Test: by clicking this button you will hear an example of the synthesized voice using the chosen parameters.

- Library: the field indicating the path to the synthesis module.

- Find/Browse: the button to search automatically or manually for the synthesis module;

- Close: the button to close the window and save the IBM Viavoice settings.