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Character customization

This window contains the tools to customize the character sets. Character sets allow Biblos to identify to which group the characters of the text belong. Character sets are not directly useful, but indirectly they are one of the supporting structures used in almost all the software.

- Group: from this field you choose the character group you want to customize. There are several groups available, such as Consonants, Vowels, Punctuation, Apostrophes, Hyphens, Symbols etc.. For example, the Hyphens group contains all characters that are identified as hyphens by the Remove Hyphens function. If you delete these characters, the Delete Hyphens function will not be able to remove the hyphens from the document.

- Restore: this button is used to restore one or all character sets to their default values. To restore a group of characters you select the desired group and click this button. If you want to restore all character sets, click the button while holding down the Ctrl key. In both cases a message window will ask you to confirm the chosen restore;

- Add: edit field where you type the characters to be added to the chosen group. By typing the characters to be added, the Add button is activated next to this field. Clicking it adds the characters to the group;

- Characters: list containing all the characters belonging to the chosen group. The list has a contextual menu with some commands. Each character is shown together with its decimal value;

- Remove: button to delete the selected characters from the list. The deletion acts immediately;

- Close: button to close the font customization window. If you have made changes, a window asks whether to save the changes. You can choose to save the changes, not save them, or cancel the exit procedure and remain in the customization window.

The contextual menu associated with the character list has several commands:

- Send To: submenu containing the names of the character groups. Sending one or more characters to another group means transferring it from the selected group to the group chosen for sending.

- Remove: command that has the same function as the button of the same name, i.e. it removes the selected character or characters from the list.

- Remove from Groups: all the characters of the selected group are searched in the other groups; if any of them is found in some other group, it is removed only from the group or groups where it is present.

- Paste Characters: pastes the characters of the text on the clipboard into the selected group.

- Hot Keys: opens the window for managing the hot keys associated or that can be associated with the commands of this menu.