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Analyzing the words in a document

Analyzing the words in a document is aimed at identifying words that have not been syllabicated correctly due to the absence of syllables in the reference group. The goal of this operation is to integrate the missing syllables into the selected group.

The analysis window has several fields:

- Syllabication group: the group with which to analyze the words in the document. After choosing the desired group, press the Start button to perform the analysis.

- The list with the analyzed words that are not syllabicated correctly. The list is associated with a contextual menu containing basic commands.

- Buttons to add new syllables and aliases to the selected group.

The contextual menu associated with the list contains some useful commands, including the Copy command that copies the selected word in its entirety to the clipboard. Integrating new syllables into a group is a process that requires attention and expertise in correct syllabication for the analyzed language.