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Adding or editing a Status Bar

When you add or enter the properties of a status bar, a window is presented to manage all the features of the bar.

- Name: field where you enter the name of the status bar. This is the name by which the bar is identified in the list.

- Sections: list containing the sections that make up the bar. A status bar consists of at least one section. A section contains textual information and variables. The variables are replaced while the bar is displayed. The list has a contextual menu containing the commands to add, delete, move the sections of the bar.

- Section text: field where you enter or modify the text of the selected section. The text can contain some variables that will be replaced in real time by the actual values to be shown.

- Add: button to add a variable to the section text. By clicking on the button a contextual menu appears with the list of variables that can be used. The chosen variable is added to the section text in the position where the cursor is.

- Ok: button to confirm the addition or modification of the status bar. You return to the status bar customization window.

- Cancel: button to return to the customization window without confirming the addition or modification of the status bar.