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Add to Dictionary

Window for adding the term on which the cursor is placed to one of the dictionaries. The fields in this window are:

1. Term: the string to be added to the desired dictionary. This field, if the cursor is on a word, is already valorized with the part of text on which the cursor is positioned. Before adding a word, it is advisable to double-check it to make sure you are adding the one you want, eliminating any foreign characters that could invalidate its recognition during the analysis. In a dictionary it is possible to add any Unicode character (sequences of letters, numbers, punctuation, etc.);

2. Vocabulary Type: list in which it is advisable to activate the characteristics of the term to be added. For more information on the available types consult the online help;

3. Grammatical Type: if possible, you should choose from this list the grammatical type of the word you want to add. The grammatical type is another piece of information attributed to the word;

4. Dictionary: box from which you can choose the dictionary in which to add the word. When entering the add window, the dictionary selected is always the first active dictionary. The dictionaries present in this list are only those created by the user (in the Dictionary Customization window they appear in green).

After setting the word and its properties, clicking the Ok button will add it to the selected dictionary.