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Add an Alias

To improve the efficiency of the syllabication process in languages with diacritic characters, it is possible to use one or more Alias characters within the syllabication group. These aliases significantly reduce the number of syllables in a group, simplifying the analysis and syllabication procedure for words.

To add an alias, simply access the Alias tab of a syllabication group and use the appropriate buttons. In the addition window, you just need to enter the original character and its replacement.

During the syllabication process of a word, the system will first attempt to identify the syllabication based on the original spelling. If this is not possible, the processor will replace the original character with the corresponding substitute character to perform a new search and attempt syllabication identification.

The use of Alias characters proves particularly useful in languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, where the use of accented letters, tildes, and other diacritic symbols is frequent and can make the correct syllabication of words complex.