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Retrocomputing and Retrogaming

Videogames and home-computers of the eighties / nineties.

→ From Commodore 64 to programming: How I became a software programmer

Giuseppe Di Grande
03/09/2023 08:00
Sometimes people ask me how I started programming, but it's not easy to answer in a few words. In a way, I never started programming, that is, I didn't know I was starting to do it. I still remember the day my parents bought me my first computer… 1667 more words

→ California Games per Commodore 64, spiagge, mare e sole per tutti i gusti

Giuseppe Di Grande
07/10/2020 06:30
Cosa ci posso fare se ritengo California Games il miglior gioco sportivo realizzato per Commodore 64? Questo era uno dei pochi giochi che avevo in originale! Sviluppato e distribuito da Epix nel 1987, era uno di quei videogiochi dalla giocabilità eterna. Ancora oggi sento persone che lo rigiocano e rigiocano e rigiocano… 911 more words
 California Games schermata per Commodore 64

→ Ghosts 'n Goblins per Commodore 64, la mia fantasia viaggiava tra zombie e cimiteri

Giuseppe Di Grande
06/26/2020 08:30
Immaginate un cavaliere di nome Arthur, un'ambientazione tra horror e fantasy che parte da un cimitero pieno di zombie, una musica che ulula le sue note come a rievocare i fantasmi del titolo... Ecco a voi il fantastico Ghosts 'n Goblins. Ghosts 'n Goblins è uno di quei videogiochi… 695 more words
 Ghosts 'n Goblins schermata per Commodore 64

→ Ghostbusters for Commodore 64, the first love is never forgotten

Giuseppe Di Grande
06/19/2020 07:00
Although I wasn't that into it, I remember with pleasure Ghostbusters, the first video game on tape that I played in my first Commodore 64. I can no longer forget the name of David Crane, the programmer who created Ghostbusters. By the way, David Crane already had a solid story… 927 more words
 Ghostbusters schermata per Commodore 64

→ Dragon's Lair for Commodore 64, immersed in the digital fantasy of another world

Giuseppe Di Grande
06/12/2020 07:00
The fantasy genre in video games has always been one of my favorites. It was 1986 and in the little booklet attached to a Com64 cassette I read the review of Dragon's Lair. The news that Dragon's Lair had been made in six months had fascinated me, increasing the… 828 more words
 Dragon's Lair schermata iniziale

→ Cybernoid 2 for Commodore 64, in 1988 I programmed amazing things and I didn't know it

Giuseppe Di Grande
06/05/2020 07:00
The tape cost 12000 lire, the floppy 15000 lire. It was 1988 and the sequel to Cybernoid was released, the videogame programmed by Raffaele Cecco with the timeless soundtrack of Jeroen Tel. The following year it would be released also for Amiga, and my memories merge in a space-time continuum that unites… 501 more words
 Cybernoid II schermata per Commodore 64

→ Cybernoid for Commodore 64, the fighting machine

Giuseppe Di Grande
05/26/2020 05:00
Cybernoid for Commodore 64 is one of those video games that will remain in history, despite not having any particular technical innovation. Personally I was and remained in love with music, written by the timeless Jeroen Tel, but also with the game designed and programmed by Raffaele Cecco I spent hours… 574 more words
 Cybernoid screen for Commodore 64