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What are the "Clipboard"

Updated the 05/14/2020 09:30 

The Clipboard is a shared area of the system where applications can store and share data, such as text, images, sounds, etc.. The term "share" is also used in reference to other running applications, so the Clipboard is used as an area for exchanging data on the fly between different applications. In English this area is called the Clipboard.

The functions to access the Clipboard are the classic CUT, COPY and PAST operations. In the case of a Word processor, the Clipboard is mainly used for text content, i.e. to move portions of text from one part of the document to another or to copy and paste it to or from other applications.

The Clipboard has predefined formats with which to store data. Only one piece of data of a certain format can be present in the Clipboard. You can therefore have a textual data that can be pasted into another application, just as you can paste a text copied into the Clipboard with another program in Biblos.

Each Cut or Copy overwrites the previous contents. Generally the Paste operation uses the contents of the Clipboard, but leaves the contents unchanged for further Paste operations. For example, you copy a portion of text to the Clipboard, then paste that portion of text into multiple parts of the document.

The shortcut keys usually used for the Cut, Copy, and Paste functions are: CTRL+X, CTRL+C, and CTRL+V, respectively. The first two commands, in the case of the contents of a document, act only if a part of the contents is selected. Paste is usable only if the Clipboard contain useful data to be transferred into the document.

In addition to the classic Cut, Copy and Paste, Biblos in the Edit menu has Special Copy and Special Paste, two submenus that contain commands to copy-paste special elements of the document, such as the type of character and paragraph, the type of bulleted or numbered list, copy-paste of images or copy-paste of text in default format. Apart from images and text, these commands use a private area of the Clipboard, so they can only be used internally in Biblos.

The Clipboard was invented in the early 1970s. Since then the concept of the Clipboard has been expanded and enriched with functionality. Today, the clipboard functionality is offered by almost all operating systems.

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