Ciegos, Braille y Tecnologías de Impresión

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Professional Training on Biblos

Main window of Biblos

Training is the educational process necessary for the transmission of skills. Today Biblos is the leading Word Processor in Italy for braille printing, for the creation and printing of tactile graphics and for the complete management of ancient Greek. A software that is already an aid to school didactics, to the professional realization of books in braille, to word processing for professional and personal use, for which a generic or specific training helps to grow their skills.

A training course is useful to improve one's personal and professional knowledge about Biblos. It can concern workers or people in search of employment who want to expand their skills, students during or at the end of a cycle of studies, or teachers, educators, technicians, caregivers, third sector operators etc..

Giuseppe Di Grande is the author of Biblos, his knowledge of the software is total. Analyst programmer with thirty years of experience, he offers a training that favors a direct relationship with the software, a direct interaction ready to satisfy every question.

It is essential for a third sector organization to update its services and its production processes; the world of services for people with visual impairments is also in continuous transformation and constantly demands quality and speed in the services offered. Training is a fundamental tool for the knowledge of Biblos; a professional training course on Biblos can open roads and reveal tools previously unknown, moreover it allows to quickly acquire the right practical skills needed to operate in the field of interest, for example the realization of braille books or tactile maps.

The training courses on Biblos represent an important opportunity for professional growth. You can choose among a wide range of proposals and possibilities: more practical training courses, mainly oriented to the empirical knowledge of the functionalities offered by the software, or more theoretical courses, oriented to the complete knowledge of its capabilities in relation to the educational objectives; courses for blind or visually impaired people, for beginners or experts.

Institutes, Associations, Training Institutions or Companies that would like to organize a training course on Biblos, can ask for information by Writing to Giuseppe Di Grande.