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From this page you download the latest version of Biblos. If you choose the Installer, the program will detect the operating system version and download the appropriate version of Biblos.
When downloading or running the Installer may be blocked by the antivirus. The antivirus alert is only a false positive, that is an erroneous detection of the software threat. Biblos Installer is not a virus, so you can allow it to run. False positives have been reported to antivirus vendors several times and some have solved the problem of their databases.
If you know the version of your operating system you can download the Setup directly. In some old Windows or slow connections, the download may accidentally fail. In this case, we recommend using the Installer.

  1. Biblos Installer (32 and 64 bit)
    Size 1,07Mb  Date 17/06/2017
  2. Biblos 5.20 (64bit)
    Size 19,20Mb  Date 25/08/2018
    Download Biblos 5.20 (64bit)
    Downloaded 1712 times
  3. Biblos 5.20 (32bit)
    Size 17,18Mb  Date 25/08/2018
    Download Biblos 5.20 (32bit)
    Downloaded 822 times

Do you would collaborate to translate Biblos user interface? If you are english native speaker or native speaker of a language not yet available, write me or subscribe Biblos Braille on Facebook

What I would do if there were any collaborators

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