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Do you would collaborate to translate user interface? If you like Biblos and if you are native english speaker or any other language, Biblos needs you!
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VITO CARDINALE - Centralinista in pensione: Uso Biblos perché ho molti libri digitali, di cui molti da convertire dal vecchio sistema MS-DOS, o che comunque necessitano di molti aggiustamenti prima di procedere ad una lettura scorrevole. Qualche volta uso Biblos anche per convertire un testo in audiolibro. Biblos è il programma che mi dà i migliori risultati per non dire che forse è l'unico utile allo scopo.


Logo of Biblos with braille text and eye of Ra.

Biblos is the most complete and customisable braille Translation software currently available. Combination of regular word processing and braille to generate an easy production and printing process. Now braille production is accessible for everybody, not just for specialists.
Biblos supports the most common braille printers and has Unicode braille tables that the user can create and customise. Braille codes can be programmed with conditional expressions in order to create any kind of braille.
Biblos has already over 30 Braille tables. For tactile pictures anyone can create, including a blind user, utilising vectorial instructions, images, scanner or webcam. User interface is in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The user interface can be customised and localised in any language by using an application that has been specifically developed for this purpose.
Biblos lets you create audiobooks in MP3 and DAISY; it has a spell checker and much more.
Biblos is completely free of charge.


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