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Download and install Biblos

Biblos is a free software downloadable from http://www.digrande.it/

Biblos runs on Microsoft Windows® systems, from Windows XP to Windows 10. Depending on the architecture of the operating system, two versions are available: Biblos 32-bit and Biblos 64-bit.

To download Biblos now you can use the following link: http://www.digrande.it/biblos.asp

To install Biblos, you must have sufficient system permissions. If you want to install Biblos in a restricted system, you should ask your system administrator for installation. The User Account Control window may appear during installation, where you need to confirm the installation by clicking the YES button.

To start the installation, simply click on the downloaded setup. If you already have a copy of Biblos, check that Biblos is not already started before installation, and close it if necessary.

There are five steps in the installation setup:

- Choice of the language of the installation setup. just click the Ok button;

- Introduction to the installation. just click on the Next button;

- License agreement. After reading the contract, check the agreement box and then click the Next button;

- Start installation. just click on the Install button;

- Installation is finished. just click the Finish button.

Biblos installs only the components required for its execution. All installed components reside in the Biblos folder. Files are never copied to other system folders.

Biblos configurations are stored in a single folder in the User Data of your Windows account.

The Biblos installer, in the Start menu program area, creates the Biblos submenu. The links contained in this menu are::.

- Biblos: launches the program;

- Interface Editor: launches the software for translation of the user interface;

- Tactile Graphics: launches the tactile graphics environment;

- Uninstall: launches the uninstallation of the program;

- Web Site: Opens the browser on the "WWW.DIGRANDE.IT" website.