Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Guide of Biblos

This manual describes in detail the Biblos word processor, its features and functions for working with the software. It describes windows, structures, concepts and basic logic of Biblos.

For those who are new to word processing and Biblos, the jargon used may not be entirely clear. However, the manual is constantly subject to changes and additions. Suggestions and advice on how to improve it are welcome.

This manual is written by Giuseppe Di Grande, who owns all the copyright and publication rights, in any form and by any means.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Biblos
    1. Download and install Biblos
    2. First execution of Biblos
    3. Update Biblos
    4. User Account Control
    5. Uninstall Biblos
  2. Open, save and print
    1. Assign a file type to open with Biblos
    2. Choice of the opening filter
    3. Automatically open the last document
    4. The file types that Biblos can manage
    5. Print Page Settings
    6. Send the document into a Dropbox or Google Drive folder
  3. Edit, insert and format
    1. Font Type
    2. Type of Paragraph
    3. Managing Page breaks
    4. Add or change a horizontal line
      1. Manage Horizontal Lines
    5. Taking an image from a scanner
      1. Scanner settings
    6. Setting the Text and Background Colors
  4. Characters, dictionaries and syllables
    1. Character customization
      1. Enter characters using Unicode codes
      2. Enter special characters
  5. Spelling analysis and recurrences
  6. Braille and tactile graphics
  7. Voice and audiobooks
    1. Options- Voice tab
    2. How to create files
  8. Internet and services
    1. Internet and internal browser
  9. Typing and keyboard maps
  10. Visualization and customizations
    1. Setting the hot keys
      1. The properties of a menu item
  11. Accessibility and screen readers
  12. All general options
    1. General options
    2. Options- General tab
    3. Options- View tab
    4. Options- Analysis tab
    5. Options- Formats tab
    6. Options- Notes Tab
    7. Options- Sounds tab
    8. Options- Voice tab
      1. How to create files
  13. Other utility tools
    1. Scan and recognize the text of a document
    2. Set the OCR parameters
  14. Tips and advice
  15. Support and contacts