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How to activate in Biblos the reading of ancient Greek

Published the 10/26/2013 00:00 

Biblos together with Jaws and NVDA screen readers can be used to read aloud documents in Ancient Greek. The pronunciation of Ancient Greek is done by transliterating Greek characters on the fly into Latin characters. You do not have a correct pronunciation of Ancient Greek, but the functionality is equally important because in its absence Jaws or NVDA would pronounce the text incorrectly. If the screen reader already uses a speech synthesizer that can pronounce Greek characters correctly, this activation is not necessary.

To activate Ancient Greek reading

  1. Install Jaws and/or NVDA, then Biblos. Possibly the most updated versions;
  2. After starting Biblos, use the scripts installation in the Help/Install scripts...
  3. menu.
  4. After installing the scripts, press JawsKey+v or NvdaKey+V and activate the option Reading Greek text
  5. .

After this simple activation, the text in Ancient Greek will also be pronounced by voice synthesis, following the cursor movements.

For further support you can subscribe the Biblos Group on Facebook.