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Do you would collaborate to translate Biblos user interface? If you are native speakers of a language not yet available, write me or subscribe Biblos Braille on Facebook
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ELIO BONTEMPO - Pensionato / ex docente: Ti sono immensamente grato per questo strumento leggero ed efficiente, che hai messo a disposizione di tutti, ma soprattutto dei non vedenti, che hanno visto risolto il problema della stampa in Braille, che prima di Biblos costituiva un grande problema, specie per talune cosiddette stampanti. Davvero un grazie di cuore.

How to Contact me

For questions and support for any version of Biblos I invite you to join the Facebook group Biblos Braille. You can also read the page with Frequently Asked Questions.
For questions about any other software I invite you to ask for assistance in discussion groups frequented by blind people.
The production of Braille or tactile material ceased in 2013. I do not provide this type of service. Make use of the Biblos software to self-produce any Braille or tactile printing.

Personal data entered in this form are used exclusively for the purposes of electronic communication and not under any circumstances and no license will be join with third parties. It ensures compliance with the italian legislation on personal data covered by the Privacy Code under LD. No. 196 of 06.30.2003.

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